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Walk Straight!

A few weeks ago, the MIHP MoveWell team held a women’s seminar.  The seminar consisted of a Keynote speech : “The Five Key Facts” about the body and its design, instruction/ participation in a partner circuit, instruction/participation in the “Daily Dozen” exercises, and 5-minute biomechanical screens.  Our team of seventeen Movement Training Specialists moved 184 women through this event seamlessly.  It was a huge success.

Our Lesson:

We learned that out of the184 women, 79 of them reported having low back pain!  That is 43% of the participants!  That’s a lot of sore backs.

Your Lesson:

Simply walking with your toes straight, rather than turned out, may significantly reduce low back pain.  Try it!

Stay tuned for more tips on preventing and eliminating low back pain…….

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