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I received an excellent question from a VIP client (yes, you Bill) asking if keeping your toes straight during running was equally important as when walking to prevent low back pain.   I will tell you what I told him.  A resounding YES!!!

When you walk or run with one or both feet “toed out”, you put your gluteus maximus (which happens to be the largest muscle group in your body) in a shortened position making it unable to work.  What happens then is that all the muscles that are supposed to be assistors, such as the piriformis, ITBand, calf muscles, etc. have to over-work to take the place of the glute max.  That’s when things go awry.  The hip and/or low back start to hurt.  It can cause knee pain (that came in 2nd place to low back pain in our findings), and even plantar fasciitis. So…. Try keeping your toes pointed forward and see if it helps!

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